Hi, my name is Sebastiaan

I craft impactful web applications to run your business

Transforming your manual operation into a thriving digital enterprise.

Go from time-consuming chaos to pure harmony.

Custom-built software tailored to your needs, automating your organization so you can focus on the important parts.

Web applications

Private or public cloud platforms to run your business from. Accessible from anywhere on any device using a browser.

Data-driven websites

Websites serving dynamic content or tools to your users, often backed by a content management system that lets you direct its purpose.


A fast-paced project to test and validate your ideas in a real environment before committing to the real thing.

All the features you can think of, and more.

Ready to do the heavy lifting and provide your team with an instant boost.

I've built wonderful products for


A proven workflow
that gets it done

Through a repeating, incremental process we'll uncover what's needed to reach your goals and launch a fitting solution, together.



  • Assess goals
  • Brainstorm
  • Define strategy


  • Design
  • Technical analyses
  • Incremental releases


  • Analytics and insights
  • Gather feedback
  • Scalable hosting


  • Technical support
  • Automated backups
  • Application monitoring

Boost your business
Start automating

Get in touch and tell me about your business and struggles. We'll discuss your options and find a way to get it done.

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About   I'm Sebastiaan, a freelance web developer and consultant based in Ghent, Belgium.

I'm a design enthusiast and avid creator with a focus on user-friendly interfaces and to-the-point software. In practice, I help forward-looking businesses automate and improve their mission-critical processes to get them to their goals faster and easier.

I've been making websites and apps for over 16 years, including more than 9 years of experience with Laravel and its ecosystem.

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